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Learning Center

    This is Henry (and Mandy).  Henry is the superintendent on our Harmony House project and works for KDC construction.  This is our second job with KDC and there are a number of reasons we use them as our contractor.  They are a woman owned local company.  Commercial construction is their specialty, but they…

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Growing Excitement

23 September, 2015

The breaking news story is that we are in the final stages of opening our new home!  Because our success is founded on hands on ownership, and direct involvement, our new house is only one block from our original house!  Our original home will now be referred to as “Morse Village House” and our new…

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One of the most stressful decisions we may have to make in life is whether or not to move a loved one from the home and into a care setting.  It is a stressful and emotional endeavor, even under the best circumstances. We talk to people everyday who are in all different stages of looking…

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Maintaining Quality Care  The secret to success in this business, over the long term, is maintaining the quality of care provided to residents. We have now been open for a year, and as our residents’ needs have fluctuated, we feel strongly that we have maintained the same quality of care as we did when our…

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  • About Us

    Michala Gibson, RN and Mandy Shoemaker own and operate Prairie Elder Homes, LLC. With Michala's 18 years in geriatric nursing and Mandy's 20 years in education, they have both dedicated their careers to taking care of those we cherish most, our parents and our children. Now with a combined effort in Prairie Elder Care their skills have come together to support and guide families dealing with the losses associated with dementia. The work of Prairie Elder Homes is focused on giving back community, connection and control to our residents.
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