We have been open for almost 9 months, and the 4th of our first 8 residents is getting ready to pass away. Wow. We’ve loved each one of them so differently and deeply. Not a day goes by that I don’t smile because of them, feel good because I know we provided them the best quality of life while they were with us, and feel a pang of sadness because I miss them and their families. It is comforting to picture them whole, in mind and spirit, either joining loved ones who have already passed or preparing to welcome those who will join them some day. It is a privilege to have been trusted to care for them and to have comforted their families when the time came. With these losses also come new beginnings for our home. It isn’t by coincidence that people come to Prairie Elder Homes and we feel we are led to those who need us most.

Today a new resident moved in. It was a hectic day…..plumbing problems, lots of people in and out of the house; but it turned out to be one that I will remember positively for a long time. Our new resident came to us from another assisted living facility. It is a great, caring place and they identified that she may need a different type of environment to make her happy and recommended us to her family. Her family agreed and today was her new beginning. As she spent time in the house, she understood that this was going to be her new home. Throughout the day she commented, “this is just the help I’ve been needing”, “I love doing this (puzzles, visiting, telling jokes) and not just sitting”, “the people here are so friendly”. After touring the kitchen and looking out onto the patio she said “you mean this is mine? I get to stay here”? There. What more could we ask for? As we have moved through our sad losses I am reminded that we get to keep doing this for more people! To have someone come today who could put her feelings about our home into words was the affirmation we needed to keep doing this special thing.


Up Next….an Ode to our Awesome Staff. Stay tuned!