This is Henry (and Mandy).  Henry is the superintendent on our Harmony House project and works for KDC construction.  This is our second job with KDC and there are a number of reasons we use them as our contractor.  They are a woman owned local company.  Commercial construction is their specialty, but they know residential too, so that’s a great combination for our purposes.  But most of all we go with KDC because of Henry.

Henry gets it.  He gets us.  In every step of the process he has the end in mind.  For us, that end user is someone who has lost much of their independence due to dementia and they need a home where they can be cared for with love and dignity.  Our mission of creating a culture of grace in all of our work, is not only carried out in a house full of those needing our care, but it is carried out while we build that house.

Henry is the superintendent, but he also can do just about everything each of his subcontractors can do.  He ensures that it is done right, and if it comes down to it, he’ll do it himself.   Dementia has impacted Henry’s life pretty dramatically, and his heart is 110% into making life better for those living with it.

Thanks Janene Ervin, owner of KDC, for giving us Henry.  Thanks Henry, superintendent, carpenter, friend and cheerleader Dad, for building with your heart!

Come on out and see Henry’s work at our Open House on October 7th.  Check out our facebook page for details.