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Home: A Feeling More Than a Place   (Or why your loved one with dementia always says the want to “go home”)   By Mandy Shoemaker   If you have ever spent any time around someone living with dementia, it’s likely that you heard them mention that they are going home.  Even if they are in the…

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Let’s talk about LOVE!!                                                   People ask us a lot, how we do what we do.  “Isn’t it depressing?” they ask.  And although, there is certainly a sad side to what we do, we are so often heartened by love showing up in the sweetest places.  Whether it is the love between spouses, parents and children,…

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The Stigma of Dementia and Alzheimer’s I have this inner conflict about dementia and Alzheimer’s.  My ultimate wish is for a future when an Alzheimer’s diagnosis does not come as the same kind of devastating blow that it is today.  It has made me think a lot about why Alzheimer’s is so devastating.  It doesn’t…

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Written November 18, 2015   What a day!  I wasn’t sure where to post all of my inspirations today, so I figured it might make a good blog!  We were featured in the Kansas City Star today in an article written by the granddaughter of one of our residents who recently passed away.  We knew…

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    Michala Gibson, RN and Mandy Shoemaker own and operate Prairie Elder Homes, LLC. With Michala's 18 years in geriatric nursing and Mandy's 20 years in education, they have both dedicated their careers to taking care of those we cherish most, our parents and our children. Now with a combined effort in Prairie Elder Care their skills have come together to support and guide families dealing with the losses associated with dementia. The work of Prairie Elder Homes is focused on giving back community, connection and control to our residents.
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