7205Written November 18, 2015


What a day!  I wasn’t sure where to post all of my inspirations today, so I figured it might make a good blog!  We were featured in the Kansas City Star today in an article written by the granddaughter of one of our residents who recently passed away.  We knew the article was coming out soon, but had no idea it would be as perfect as it is.  We couldn’t have asked for a better representation of what we do and why we do it.  I am so filled by gratitude that I think I’m going to explode.  I’m also filled with what I would call pride, but somehow that has a bad connotation to me.  But really what I feel is proud that we have worked so hard together, solved problems big and small, supported each other and then worked some more.  I’m proud that we take such good care of our residents and that their families trust us.  I’m proud that we may be able to raise awareness about what we do and that more people will seek this type of care, not just in our homes, but in the others on our area.


But with all of these feelings, that is not even my main message here.  My main message is to thank my brother, Jim Gibson, for marrying Michala Pifer.  Michala and I have always gotten along well, and I never had any doubts about working with her.  I didn’t expect what has happened.  Yes, we work well together, but we continue to get even better at it.  Not only is Michala my business partner and sister-in-law, she has also become my best friend.DSCN0333


She is an amazing nurse, who advocates tirelessly for our residents.  Her knowledge of caring for the aging is second to none, and she shares that knowledge generously.  Our strengths compliment each other, and where I am long winded, she is effectively short.  Where I am a push-over, she is effectively strong.  Her work with our families is wonderful, empowering them with important knowledge to make good decisions for their loved ones.


Michala is also a fantastic mother, wife, sister and daughter.  Supporting her family with her strength as well as her sensitivity.  Thanks, Jim.  For bringing this force into our lives and for the opportunity to work with your lovely wife on this incredible journey.