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Our Promise to You Matters

It matters a great deal who is giving you advice and guidance during the difficult periods surrounding aging care. When emotions are highest you need to be absolutely certain you have advocates and experts on your side.

Prairie Elder Care and Prairie Elder Homes leaders are compassionate, knowledgeable professionals. It is our promise to provide you and your family calming, confident guidance while employing the best senior care professionals possible.

Michala Gibson, RN

Senior Care Manager

Michala is a Registered Nurse with 15 years of experience working in assisted living, long term care, rehab facilities, and hospice.

Michala has served in a variety of capacities including charge nurse, assistant director of nursing, director of professional development, and director of nursing. Her extensive knowledge of the needs of the elderly, combined with her understanding of the operational component of the industry, makes her a wonderful resource for families with elders in transition.

As a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, Michala is committed to continuing to build on her exptertise and uphold the highest standards in the field of care management.


Mandy Shoemaker

Business and Marketing Director

Before joining ECTC, Mandy was an educator for 20 years. Serving as an Elementary principal, teacher and educational consultant, Mandy has developed strong skills in relationship building, advocacy and conflict resolution.

Her work as a principal has given her a great deal of experience in giving presentations, monitoring plan implementation, scheduling, management, and communication.

She is eager to help you identify your needs and help improve the quality of life for your aging loved one.


Our Core Values:

Our Values

  • Quality of life is different for everyone.  We want to help each person and family we work with achieve the best quality of life available for them.
  • People deserve to age with grace and dignity.  We will work to make this happen for all of our clients and residents.
  • We will hire the best memory care facility staff, and treat them like the important team members that they are.
  • We value the caregiver/resident relationship as one that is reciprocal in nature. Even though our residents have care needs, they still have something to offer in a relationship.
  • We value continuous learning and improvement.  We will seek out new research and techniques in order to ensure the best care possible for our clients and residents.

Our Promises:

  • We promise to be compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. We understand that caring for and finding the right elderly care services for seniors, especially those with memory care needs, is one of the most challenging periods in anyone’s life.
  • We promise to be objective, act as an advocate and work in the best interest of your family and your loved ones throughout the entire process.
  • We promise that our care services will meet the highest standards in the industry.
  • "Mandy and Michala show such passion for the well-being of those who need memory care. They have helped educate me on the options available to my Mother and I cannot thank them enough. Prairie Elder Care is most certainly a great resource to people who are struggling with the care options for their loved ones.  - Beth N., Olathe, KS

  • About Us

    Michala Gibson, RN and Mandy Shoemaker own and operate Prairie Elder Homes, LLC. With Michala's 18 years in geriatric nursing and Mandy's 20 years in education, they have both dedicated their careers to taking care of those we cherish most, our parents and our children. Now with a combined effort in Prairie Elder Care their skills have come together to support and guide families dealing with the losses associated with dementia. The work of Prairie Elder Homes is focused on giving back community, connection and control to our residents.
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