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Our Promise to You Matters

Michala and Mandy both have a passion for changing the landscape of Dementia Care. They are making this happen through the example of high quality person-centered care at Prairie Elder Care and through Now is Found the film and engagement model designed to minimize the stigma of dementia and give back community connection and control to those living with it.

Michala Gibson, RN

Senior Care Manager

Michala Gibson is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience in the senior care industry. She has served as Director of Nursing and Director of Staff Development in local care communities. As a Certified trainer for Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care, and a Certified Eden at Home Associate, Michala works continuously with our staff care partners at Prairie Elder Care and within the community to ensure that elders living with dementia have the best opportunities for quality of life.


Mandy Shoemaker

Business and Marketing Director

Mandy Shoemaker was an educator for 20 years before Co-Founding Prairie Elder Care with her sister-in law, Michala Gibson. As an elementary school principal, she focused on the wellbeing of her families’ children, and now at Prairie Elder Care she has shifted her focus to ensure the wellbeing of our residents. Mandy is a Certified Eden at Home Associate, and founded the first Memory Café in the Kansas City area.


About Prairie Elder Care:

Prairie Elder Care is founded on the commitment of providing a life worth living for people living with dementia. Through our small homes and hands-on approach we work hard to provide the highest quality of care in the industry. Not only do we provide great care, but we focus on each of our residents’ strengths to create a daily routine that provides engagement and purpose. Our Mission is to give back Community, Connection and Control to our residents. Ultimately, that starts with engagement and proactively meeting their needs. We take the time to learn the history and stories of each of our residents and families, creating a sense of community that benefits everyone.
  • "Mandy and Michala show such passion for the well-being of those who need memory care. They have helped educate me on the options available to my Mother and I cannot thank them enough. Prairie Elder Care is most certainly a great resource to people who are struggling with the care options for their loved ones.  - Beth N., Olathe, KS

  • About Us

    Michala Gibson, RN and Mandy Shoemaker own and operate Prairie Elder Homes, LLC. With Michala's 18 years in geriatric nursing and Mandy's 20 years in education, they have both dedicated their careers to taking care of those we cherish most, our parents and our children. Now with a combined effort in Prairie Elder Care their skills have come together to support and guide families dealing with the losses associated with dementia. The work of Prairie Elder Homes is focused on giving back community, connection and control to our residents.
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