Educational Programs

We believe that one of the most significant ways we can support our community and reduce the stigma of dementia is by providing education. With a focus on the person, we can deliver various educational programs about engagement, the progression of dementia, how to communicate with your loved one with dementia, therapeutic use of animals, and so much more.

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Michala has a wealth of knowledge to share about how dementia impacts a person's senses, and how to approach and interact with them effectively.  As a certified Positive Approach™ to Care trainer with 25 years of experience providing direct care to people living with dementia, her skills are truly second to none.  Michala particularly enjoys sharing her knowledge with youth to better prepare them for careers in health care, volunteer opportunities, or just learning about dementia.  

Our engagement model, Now is Found, focuses on how we can bring community, connection and control back into the lives of people living with dementia and their loved ones.  True quality of life can be achieved when we have the special feeling of belonging to a community. Learn specific steps that any setting can take to engage people living with dementia.

Programs can be offered in our Prairie Elder Care Education Center, or we can bring them to you.  Please call 913-257-5425 for more information, or email