A Feeling Like Home

Designed for familiarity, the interior and exterior of our open-concept neighborhood homes create a calm loving setting that feels like home.

We can never replace home, but we can create what’s familiar.


Like home, the open layout of our homes make the kitchen and family room the focus.
No long hallways,
no confusing wrong turns, just an easy route to the most familiar spots.


We plan for flexibility. There is no mandated schedule. Staff follow the preferred schedule of each resident. Control is yours. We are centered around your needs as a resident and family.


Located in safe and secure neighborhoods, each of our homes are located on at least one acre of land. Each home is in a safe environment, licensed and monitored by the State of Kansas.

  • “Our mother suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. She was treated with respect and dignity every day at Prairie Elder Care. Her personal preferences were always followed instead of conforming to the staff’s schedule. This difference in care was due to the fact the staff is consistently educated in the newest and most innovative methods for caring for patients with dementia. The model that Prairie Elder Care offers is the absolute face of the future in dementia care.”
    Elizabeth Drew, BSN, RN
  • “The moment I walked into Prairie Elder Care, I was struck by their commitment and caring. Person-centered care isn’t just jargon to them—it’s a deeply felt way of life. They genuinely try to make sure each person in their community has a life filled with meaning, fun, relationships, creative activities, and purpose.”
    Deborah Shouse, Author (Connecting in the Land of Dementia)
  • “There are many programs and homes out there for loved ones with dementia, but none quite as special as the home-like environment provided by Prairie Elder Care. Michala Gibson and Mandy Shoemaker have gone above and beyond to ensure that those affected by dementia retain their dignity and are supported in a loving and compassionate environment. They are tireless advocates for those affected by cognitive decline and go above and beyond to provide education and support to their community.”
    Jennifer Walker, RN